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What To Consider Before Deciding To Go On A Day Trip and Tips To Plan Your Day

Have you considered going on a day trip before and unsure if it’s for you? Keep reading, this post is for you. 5 Things To Consider Before Deciding To Go On A Day Trip 1. The flight time of the day trip. Be realistic! You don’t really want to spend more time in the air […]

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Beyond The Return – Ghana Travel Guide (2022)

I can’t express how much Ghana felt like home. As soon as I stepped out of the plane, I felt so much peace and calmness. I was greeted with a warm welcome by the airport staff. ‘Akwaaba‘ means welcome in Tri (a Ghanaian local language). Ghana was a whole vibe! From the friendly people to […]

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Games for Adults Traveling on a Bus

You don’t have to be a veteran tour guide to come up with fun games for adults who are traveling on a bus. There are many ways you can keep boredom at bay when cruising down the highway for hours on end. After all, there’s only so much chatting and staring out of a window […]

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9 Essential Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe

How do you stop your bags from being stolen or be tampered with? We share our top tips for keeping your belongings safe while you travel. Pack and carry your own bags Understand quarantine laws Get the right gear for your trip Always take zip ties for your luggage Get the right travel insurance for […]

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Visit the most beautiful city in Europe

Visit Venice Venice is a city in north-eastern Italy and has good transport connections by both air and road (last part to Venice city itself is usually by boat!). The city has been described by Time Magazine as ‘undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man’. An opinion I would be inclined to share. Explore […]

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